Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Y-Avenue: CHECKED!

We had a blast at the Y-Avenue event. A little bit slow in the noon, but finished everything before 6pm. Without further explaining, let the pics do the talking:

Thinking of joining next year's Pekan Frinjan. Whatcha think?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

GMO will add a Y @ Y-AVENUE!!!

We will be opening our booth at this event. Among the delicacies at GMO booth include your usual

and your beloved 

andddddd..... a new lovable pretty tasty superexciting new product!!!!!

Imagine this:

with this

top with this:

and probably this

Here are the details about the event:
Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk memeriahkan acara gilang-gemilang anak muda di 'Y-Avenue Putrajaya!'

Acara menarik:

1. Persembahan Pentas
2. Fashion Galore
3. MAG Auto Show
4. Inline Skate Competition
5. Bazaar

Persembahan oleh:
[Pentas Utama / 12PM - 7PM]
KL Street Drummers (5.00PM)
Najwa Latif
Awi Rafael
Nerve Fibre
The Freshie

Fashion Galore oleh:
[Pentas Utama / 4PM - 5PM]
Cala Qisya
Stellar Boutique
Sybylla Collection
Firz Hafiz Sabrand

Bazaar oleh:
[Perkarangan Pusat Maritim / 11AM - 7PM]
Dollface Clothing
B'jewel Catering
Distro Buku

Turut serta adalah 400 peserta Kapal Belia Asia! Satu lagi peluang keemasan anda untuk bertemu dan berinteraksi dengan belia-belia dari pelbagai negara seperti Jepun.

Datanglah beramai-ramai!

Anjuran: Y-Avenue & Rakan Muda
Dengan kerjasama: Kolektif Seni, MAG Auto, GenKo, Inline Skate

Google Map Link:

The event page:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

We Come, We Saw, We Conquered

The booth at MAHB went very well indeed. Of course, at first it was a bit slow as a lot of people are still not used to our crumbles and to-go chocolate moist cake. But true to the rule of the thumb, they returned for more and most of them came for the second time to buy three or four more!

Regal, innit?

Sharing a booth with Nusara's Beriyani Kambing promo (please click on the NUSARA link at the side for more info)

Chocolate crumbles and Choc moist in-a-cup

Our chic menu

From experience last time, we added more!

What's left after only two hours!
Oh by the way, we're sorry to say but our Putrajaya (and nearby areas) orders are closed for a moment as our NADIAH had just changed her job and have to adapt to the environment first. Thus for our product to maintain its quality, she has decided for a temporary halt. But rest assured. We will inform you Putrajayans when we're ready for business again!

Or you can still order from MUNIRA (013-3973731) if both party can decide for a convenient pick-up point!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Booth at MAHB T.O.M.O.R.R.O.W!!!

GMO akan membuka booth di MAHB (Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad) esok (Friday) from 12.30pm onwards!

Among the products that will be on tomorrow's event:




Do come and visit us!!!
Nope. Leave the pilots and stewardesses alone. This is much more tastier, son!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

GMO's Products in summary

It's June! Here's a recap of our product and the price.

chocolate pie with strawberry on top
Size: 9" (RM35)
Size: 7" (RM25)

cookie crumbles layered with dark chocolate with a tinge of white chocolate and fruits on top
with strawberries and white chocolate: RM2 per piece
only dark chocolate: RM1 per piece
* can also request different toppings. price differs according to the fruits/snacks you choose
*comes with a spoon

steamed chocolate cake with chocolate moist
Price: RM2.20 per cup
*comes with a spoon and ribbon each

The original strawberry chocolate with cutesy designs
Price: RM3 per stick

Please visit and LIKE our facebook page for updates and testimonials.
Call/SMS Munira (013-3977371) for delivery in this areas: Damansara, Sungai Buloh, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam
Call/SMS Nadiah (016-3900326) for delivery in this areas: Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Bangi
Email Shai ( for questions regarding requests, promotions and etc 

Do wait for our new product innovation. It might look like this or cuter. Who knows? 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Of Events and Our Chocolate Crumbles!

Ahoy Strocho lovers of the world!

We had a great time at Merah Putih's Bazaar @LimKokWing today. We arrived a lil bit late (12pm), but we had to close our booth at 1.45pm because everything is sold out in one and a half hour! Thank you all Strawcho lovers of LimKokWing from students to lecturers alike! Thank you Zulhabri from Frinjan (which is actually our high school senior!) and the very adorable Wening of Merah Putih Club for giving us the opportunity to be a part of the event, albeit on such short notice.

Here are some pictures of our booth and also our new freakawesomaus product (we will update you guys on that later on!).

i. As soon as we arrived. Miss Baker-Extraordinaire smiling gleefully.
ii. The event's poster.


i. Trying to perfect the presentation
ii. The guy in the green shirt bought one for himself and then brought more of his friends!

i. An hour and a half later, this is what is left!
ii. Bye bye LimKokWing!

And here is our latest product. Chocolate crumbles with strawberry on top.  Cookie on the bottom, smouldered in dark chocolate with a tinge of white chocolate, with cutesy Korean strawberry on top. It's like eating the pie, with less hassle! It is also a cute gift for loved ones and amazing dessert for events from birthdays to weddings! Only RM2 per piece. 

The sinful yet heavenly content, beautifully crafted. A sight for  sore eyes!
You cannot deny how pretty the packaging is, innit? Comes with a  spoon!
And yes, to order, do drop us a message, or call/SMS Munira (013-3977371)

In another note, good news for those of you who lives in Putrajaya. You can also order and get free delivery! Call/SMS Nadiah (016-3900326) to order!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Strocholicious Pie Goin to Limkokwing!

Meet us here! This will be our first ever booth, so we're a lil bit anxious. We're not gonna be there on all three days, only pada hari Jumaat. I repeat: JUMAAT SAHAJA (siap bold line dan italic sekaligus) So if you guys wanna know how that yummy picture of strawberry chocolate goodness really taste like, do find us here:

Venue: Plaza LimKokWing University
Time: 11am - 3pm
Date: 20 May 2011


i. Our gift-like packaging
ii. The yummy goodness content! 

Be there, or be the shape of Spongebob! You can also call MUNIRA (013-3977371) to order today and pick it up tomorrow @LimKokWing (courtyardnext to the library) tomorrow if you are in Putrajaya or Cyberjaya.


"I adore the chocolate.  It tasted deliciously different. The combination of the 'crumbly' pie and the soft sweet chocolate with a tinge of strawberry sour-ness -- is like running down the hill of a green field with soft breezes that makes your hair dance together with its rhythm. (haha, lame attempt to sound like a Masterchef jury)."

""Pie tu sexy. Bahahahaha. Yela tertonggek2 stoberi kat situ!"
- Mrs. Iza -